Make lifts simpler, safer and smarter

Data at a glance

Usage Statistics

Evaluate maintenance schedules and monitor people flow with usage data.

Lift Status

Monitor lift status from anywhere with automated and on-demand testing.


Automatic alerts keep lifts compliant and the Avire Hub holds records in one place.

Specify the Solution

Avire Ecosystem devices can be fitted in any lift installation and are perfect for providing a monitoring system without the need for a full replacement of the lift. The devices send and receive data via a DCP and users can configure and monitor devices remotely from our online platform, The Avire Hub.


Avire Ecosystem

Improve passenger safety, decrease door damage, monitor compliance and much more with the Avire Ecosystem. Our products offer the latest technology in lift monitoring alongside high quality and trusted hardware. We work closely with consultants and lift companies to create the best solutions for all involved.

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Benefits for Lift Companies

Lift companies could be saving unnecessary trips to site, reducing their carbon footprint and improving compliance with the Avire Ecosystem. Our online platform, the Avire Hub, can be used to remotely re-program devices and as a lift database.

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Helping Building Management

The Avire Ecosystem provides visibility and control. Facilities and Building Managers can access data on their lifts and have records of compliance stored in one place.

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Specification to Installation

Specify technology that will future-proof your lifts and provide remote monitoring solutions without compromising on safety and reliability. The Avire Ecosystem can be installed across a whole lift portfolio, regardless of age and manufacturer, providing one solution for all.

"It's the first time we've fully integrated Avire products for one of our clients and we would definitely do it again without a doubt"

Chris Tracey, Development Director, The Elevator Company

Success Stories

Case Study: York Racecourse

To stay ahead of the curve and ensure optimum safety for visitors, York Racecourse, with the help of Avire and its contracted lift maintenance firm The Elevator Company, set out on a lift modernisation for its portfolio.

Blog post: Analogue to Digital

In this article we will look at the current telecoms network changes, the impact this will have on installed autodiallers, and potential solutions for keeping autodiallers working and compliant.

Consultant Downloads

Consultants and specifiers can find useful resources to download including specifications for lift security and communications products, a handy calculator to help you assess the cost of moving from an analogue to a digital setup (particularly important as the digital switch continues to take place across the UK and can affect lift emergency phones) as well as our offering of ecosystem consultant packages that can suit different needs and budgets.


Ensure resilience of emergency telephones in lifts

The change from copper to fibre lines will affect the resilience of lift emergency phone lines – particularly during power failures, which is the most likely time when an entrapment may occur. We Discover UK’s only pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service: SENTINEL.

Committed to helping you

Avire’s products go a step further than others in order to provide solutions that benefit all involved. Our brands, including Memco, E-Motive and Microkey, have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in creating premium products.

Avire’s integrated lift solutions are designed to improve safety and provide monitoring solutions without installation of a new lift or controller. We can work closely with clients from specification to installation and our team of experts are always happy to help.



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