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Emergency Communication Products and Solutions

Emergencies can occur at any time, and when they do, reliable communication becomes a lifeline. That’s why we exist – to provide that lifeline, for connecting and protecting people when every second counts.

Discover our range of code-compliant and reliable communication and safety solutions for Areas of Refuge, Elevators, and Public Safety & Security (Pools, Grounds, Buildings and Parking Structures). Our wide range of solutions are certified, digitally connected & reliable ensuring the safety of your users and compliance with industry codes and regulations.

Area of Refuge Two-Way Communication Systems
As the leading manufacturer of code-compliant Emergency Communication Systems for Rescue Assistance, we provide top-tier, easy-to-install solutions, ensuring safety without compromise, while keeping your building occupants connected and safe.
Elevator Communication and Detection
Elevator Phones, Communication & Detection
With a trusted, long-standing history in Elevator Safety our best-in-class Elevator Phones, Two-Way Visual Communication Systems, Lobby/MachineRoom solutions and Safety Edges are easy to install, ensuring safety and efficiency in critical moments
Public Safety and Security
In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring public safety is more crucial than ever. Our Blue Light, Pool and VPP Phones, are designed to be highly visible and strategically positioned for easy access, serving as deterrent to potential threats and a direct line to help
Cellular Communication
We’re committed to helping you navigate the changing landscape of communication technology. Our Cellular Gateway solutions are designed to replace traditional POTS lines, offering superior reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness

Rath Communications and Janus Elevator Products have combined to provide over 50 years of service to our customers in the elevator, life safety, and public safety spaces.

Under the brand names RATH™ by AVIRE and JANUS by AVIRE, these preeminent brands are a part of the AVIRE Group – a Halma operating company – focused on in-building emergency communications. We are customer-centric, regionally attuned, and globally strong with manufacturing locations in 4 countries, research and development teams in 3 countries and sales and marketing teams in 7 countries. With nearly 500 employees worldwide, AVIRE’s singular focus is to provide innovative solutions that support customer needs, while leveraging our global footprint to do so in a sustainable way. In an effort to ensure safety is accessible to all, while supporting changing code requirements in the United States, the AVIRE team has developed solutions to ensure safety and compliance needs are met.

Education, Training and Support

We believe that ongoing education is paramount to your professional development.

As the code and training experts, our website offers all the documentation and educational resources needed to assist you in making the right decisions.

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