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Connecting and protecting people

Count on us for all your emergency communication needs. Our wide range of solutions are certified, digitally connected & reliable ensuring the safety of users & compliance with industry regulations.

We’re trusted around the globe for our elevator communication, area of refuge & safety solutions as well as our public safety & security products, that help connect people in emergencies.

Standard compliance solutions for you

Discover the globally trusted, compliant and high-quality range of safety and communication products for lifts including light curtains, emergency telephones, connectivity solutions and displays.


MEMCO by AVIRE is synonymous with trust, reliability and exceptional quality. Renowned amongst lift companies for light curtains such as Panachrome and Pana40+ and emergency telephones such as Memcom+ and the Digital Communication Platform (DCP). MEMCO has a history of creating products that meet and exceed industry standards and provide reliable and trusted technology to customers.

MEMCO brought Panachrome and its patented technology to the marketplace but it was initially a medical equipment company! The original founder moved away from the medical industry and into developing lift light curtains where he saw an opportunity in the market.

AVIRE is part of Halma plc, a global group of companies providing life-saving technology.

Elevator light curtains

More than 2 million AVIRE light curtains have reached customers ranging from global elevator manufacturers to local installers.

Elevator emergency telephones

Elevator emergency phones with free access to the AVIRE HUB, for easy product configuration and remote monitoring.


We continually invest in R&D to ensure it can offer state-of-the-art technology that makes lift management even easier!

The digital switch is already taking place across the UK.

Interested in finding out more about the Digital Switch and how it will affect your lifts? We have a dedicated section full of research and tips to help you better understand the impact it will have on your lifts and what you need to do ensure your emergency lift phone continues to work.

The right solution for your project

Lift maintenance

Lift modernisation

Lift monitoring

Software and services

Avire HUB

Receive, record, and view multiple event types, including technical calls, alarms, and status updates

Avire APP

Fast and simple setup wizard


The only UK pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service. 

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