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We continually invest in R&D to ensure it can offer state-of-the-art technology that makes lift management even easier!

Main products

SENTINEL Lift emergency connection service
SENTINEL - The only UK pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service. Remove hassle and costs whilst fulfilling your obligations . With diagnostic health checks, fault resolution and lifetime provisioning, Sentinel is all you need to keep your lift connection resilient. Always.
AVIRE HUB Lift Monitoring Software
Stay on top of your entire lift installation portfolio with advanced lift monitoring software in the AVIRE HUB. Remotely monitor, program, and update devices, receive alerts and alarms, and comply with regulations to monitor test calls, as well as providing an audit trail.
AVIRE APP Lift installation software
A lift installation app that makes it easier to install and configure lift emergency telephone devices, when you are on-site, and then register them in the AVIRE HUB for remote monitoring. Download the app on your phone and log in with your AVIRE HUB credentials.

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