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Product Name & Model Number(s): Smart 3D (SMART-3DS-S-01-000 & SMART-3DS-M-01-000) & Panachrome Controller (G3851 000)

Patents Pending: USA 16/297165 and International PCT/GB2019/052394

Product Name & Model Number(s): Panachrome (All models)

Patents Granted: Singapore 116374, EP (GB, CH, DE, FR, IE, IT, SE) 1626924, EP (GB, CH, DE, FR, IE, IT, SE) 2292548, USA 7771080, Canada 2523362, Australia 2004232541, Australia 2010200734, Australia 2012207023

Product Name & Model Number(s): Lift HAWK MC-AMT00-100-0-C0-000 / AC-AMT00-100-0-C0-000

Patents Pending: GB 1716671.1, EP 18782164.0, and International PCT/GB2018/052776