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MEMCO Netherlands

Our products are synonymous with trust, reliability and exceptional quality. Renowned for over 50 years, we consistently deliver products that meet and exceed industry standards and provide reliable and trusted technology to our customers.

MEMCO by AVIRE’s mission is to ensure passenger safety by delivering products that meet and exceed industry standards and provide reliable and trusted technology. MEMCO is a sub-brand of AVIRE, the world’s most trusted, leading manufacturer of lift safety and communication solutions.

AVIRE is a part of the Halma group of life-saving technology companies.

Blue Light Phones
Addressable SmartCommand System for 1-32 Call Boxes
SmartView 1 Two-Way Visual Communication
The SmartView 1 Two-Way Elevator Visual Communication System was designed to meet the ASME A17.1 and B44 2019 code requirements for visual communication and requirements for IBC 2018. This visual only system provides the hearing impaired with an improved method to communicate with rescue services. Our system allows for the monitoring company is able to receive a standard elevator call, and, if no answer, utilize our system to view the elevator. Choose from OEM Components, Lobby & Machine Room Systems or Complete Field Mod Systems.
SmartView 2 Two-Way Visual Communication
The redesigned SmartView 2 system simplifies your building compliance with ASME A17.1 2019/CSA B44-19 and IBC 2018 requirements for two-way elevator visual communication, providing the hearing impaired with an improved method to communicate with rescue services
  • All-in-one Design: Streamlines installation by integrating a phone (microphone and speaker), display, and camera into a single unit, ensuring fewer components and a more straightforward installation
  • Flexible Programming: Configure the system on-site using laptop or phone
  • Safe and Secure: With increasing concerns about security and privacy, the SmartView 2 System prioritizes encryption and safety
  • Cost-Effective Installation: The system’s design reduces components and wiring (by transmitting data and audio over a single twisted pair of wiring), saving both time and money
Analog Smart Rescue System for 1-10 Call Boxes
Our SmartRescue Analog-Based Two-Way Communication System is designed to provide robust two-way communication for an Area of Refuge, utilizing a home run configuration, where each call box is wired directly to the central command base station. With a legacy of reliability and widespread use in the market, these systems offer a proven solution for safety and communication.
  • Home-Run Configuration
  • Independent
  • Compatible
  • Scalable
Two-Way Communication Systems
Elevator Light Curtains

More than 2 million AVIRE light curtains have reached customers ranging from global elevator manufacturers to local installers.

Voice and Data Cellular Gateways
Elevate your communication with our Cellular Gateways. Designed for seamless integration, these gateways are compatible not only with any Rath SmartPhone VI Emergency Phones or Janus Emergency Phones but also with other phone systems in the market.
Free Standing
Whether it’s a university campus bustling with students or employees or a serene park immediate access to emergency services can make all the difference. Our dual purpose, Free Standing Blue Light Emergency Phones, provide both a sense of security and direct line to first responders.
IP Elevator Emergency Phones
Transit and Specialty Phones
In locations where the elements are harsh and the risk of vandalism is high, standard communication devices just won’t cut it. Our Vandal-Proof Transit and Emergency Phones are engineered to withstand the most challenging conditions, ensuring that emergency communication remains accessible, no matter what.
Elevator Emergency Phones
In the event of an elevator emergency, it’s crucial to provide trapped passengers with a reliable, hands-free connection to emergency help. Our Elevator Emergency Phones are meticulously designed to ensure clear communication. With our versatile mounting options and power and connectivity flexibility, our code compliant solutions will ensure you adhere to the highest standards set by ASME, B44, and ADA.
Wall or Pole Mount
At 36″ high, Call Stations fit almost anywhere and act as a crime deterrent, create a sense of security and serve as an emergency communication system. Whether it’s a a multi-level parking structure, transit platform or parking lot, immediate access to emergency services can make all the difference.
Elevator Emergency Communication

Elevator emergency phones with free access to the AVIRE HUB, for easy product configuration and remote monitoring.

Analog Command Center System for 1-116 Call Boxes
The Command Center Two-Way Emergency Communication System is designed to provide efficient two-way, person-to-person voice communication for Area of Refuge, accommodating an impressive range of 1 to 116 Call Boxes. Utilizing a home run configuration with only one pair of wires needed between each Call Box and the head end. All components are crafted to meet current industry codes, ensuring top-tier reliability and compliance.
  • Home-Run Configuration
  • Independent
  • Compatible
  • Scalable
Lobby and MachineRoom Communication Systems
Per ASME A17.1 2019/CSA B44-19 ‘Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators’, buildings where elevators travel is 60 feet or more, must install in building rescue coordination. Positioned strategically in the building’s lobby or machine rooms, our Lobby and MachineRoom options serve as the first point of contact for elevator maintenance teams and first responders. This offers them a comprehensive overview of the situation within each elevator, providing rapid response times and informed decision-making.
Analog Elevator Emergency Phones with Remote IP Interface
Pool Phones
Pool Phones
Pools, while a source of recreation and relaxation, can also present unforeseen dangers. Immediate access to emergency communication in such areas is not just a convenience; it’s a lifesaver. Our pool phones designed specifically for these environments, ensures help is always just a button press away.
IP Command Center System for 1-128 Call Boxes
The IP Command Center Two-Way Communication System is more than just a communication tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that integrates with your existing network. Designed to handle between 1-128 Call Boxes, it leverages Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to provide seamless two-way communication.
  • Scalability
  • Cost-Effective
  • Remote Management
Elevator 2D & 3D Door Detection
Elevator doors are more than just a gateway to vertical transportation; they are a critical component in ensuring the safety of passengers. However, they also represent one of the most significant risk points within an elevator system. Elevator Light Curtains (Safety Edges) act as protective barriers across elevator doors using infrared sensors. When an obstruction, like a passenger or object, interrupts this barrier, the doors automatically reverse to prevent accidents.
There are two main types:
  • 2D Detection Systems: Positioned between the elevator doors, they ensure nothing gets trapped during closure
  • 3D Door Detection Systems: Beyond monitoring between the doors, they also detect obstructions in the landing area, offering superior safety
Personalize your Emergency Blue Light Towers and Call Stations With our options and accessories, you can create custom solutions to match your brand, add extra security and provide an aesthetically pleasing emergency communication solution to connect and protect people in every location.
Software & Services

We continually invests in R&D to ensure it can offer state-of-the-art technology that makes lift management even easier!

2 Hour Fire-Rated Power and Communication Cable
Emergency Communication Systems for Rescue Assistance require system pathway survivability requirements that all circuits remain survivable for at least the same time as the fire rating building requirements.
  • Our cable solutions provide a dependable connection between two electronic devices, ensuring seamless communication
  • To meet the required 2-hour rating for pathway survivability, you can opt for either 2-hour fire-rated conduit or 2-hour fire-rated cable
  • 2 or 4 pair options, our communication cable offers flexibility to suit your needs
Comprehensive communication and evacuation plans are critical in emergency situations. Signs are an integral part of these plans and quickly direct a person into action and ensure that no matter what the situation or emergency, instructions are always understood Code requirements state that 4 types of proper signage must be visible to direct individuals to these safe locations ‘Area of Refuge’ signage is required per International Building Code (IBC) 2009 ‘Elevator Landing’ (Emergency Communication) signage is required per International Building International Building Code (IBC) 2009 ‘Area of Rescue Assistance’ signage is required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and early versions of the International Building Code (IBC). States that have not adopted the IBC 2009 or later codes may still refer to these locations as Areas of Rescue Assistance and the signs shall have verbiage to reflect this.
Elevator Communications Failure
In the realm of elevator safety, continuous communication is paramount. Elevator emergencies can be distressing, and the last thing one would want is a non-functional communication line. Recognizing this, the ASME 17.1 code has set forth specific requirements to ensure that elevator phone lines are always monitored for activity and operational.
Phone Line Monitoring requirements include:
  • End-to-End Monitoring
  • Immediate Alerts
  • Location Specific Alert
Power and Communication Options
Our Emergency Blue Light Phones lead the industry in Power and Communication options. From indoor Landline phones to remote Solar/Cellular Emergency phones, we have solutions for every application and technology combination. When you choose our Emergency Phone Solutions, you can be assured of exceptional quality and unsurpassed customer service and support.

Why choose MEMCO products?


Our products meet and exceed the requirements of the European and ISO Standards as well as US regulations.


Since 1971, our products are the most trusted by engineers and have been installed in over four million buildings worldwide.


Our products are designed and manufactured in our European factories, with the customer at the heart of what we do.


The recognised experts in our field, our ground-breaking solutions set the path for the industry.


Our in-house R&D capabilities allow us to continuously develop the most reliable digital and software solutions in the industry.

Our commitment

The global climate crisis affects everyone. At AVIRE, we aim to identify the extent to which our activities contribute to the problem and how we can reduce their impact. Our five-year plan addresses all sustainability topics, from direct and indirect emissions, to building a sustainable supply chain and reducing upstream emissions, through to waste management and the circular economy.

Customer centric approach

Inclusion and diversity

Sustainability and environment

Operational excellence

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