Codes & Standards

All our product range exceeds the minimum safety requirements demanded by safety regulators providing peace of mind for the building owners.

EN 81-20
EN 81-28
US Pool Phone Laws
NFPA 72®
We are forward-looking emergency communication experts. We enable building owners to fulfil their regulatory requirements, while connecting and protecting occupants in the event of an emergency.
Two-Way Communication Systems
Analog Elevator Emergency Phones with Remote IP Interface
Elevator 2D & 3D Door Detection
Elevator doors are more than just a gateway to vertical transportation; they are a critical component in ensuring the safety of passengers. However, they also represent one of the most significant risk points within an elevator system. Elevator Light Curtains (Safety Edges) act as protective barriers across elevator doors using infrared sensors. When an obstruction, like a passenger or object, interrupts this barrier, the doors automatically reverse to prevent accidents.
There are two main types:
  • 2D Detection Systems: Positioned between the elevator doors, they ensure nothing gets trapped during closure
  • 3D Door Detection Systems: Beyond monitoring between the doors, they also detect obstructions in the landing area, offering superior safety
Elevator Communications Failure
In the realm of elevator safety, continuous communication is paramount. Elevator emergencies can be distressing, and the last thing one would want is a non-functional communication line. Recognizing this, the ASME 17.1 code has set forth specific requirements to ensure that elevator phone lines are always monitored for activity and operational.
Phone Line Monitoring requirements include:
  • End-to-End Monitoring
  • Immediate Alerts
  • Location Specific Alert
Elevator Emergency Communication

Elevator emergency phones with free access to the AVIRE HUB, for easy product configuration and remote monitoring.

Elevator Emergency Phones
In the event of an elevator emergency, it's crucial to provide trapped passengers with a reliable, hands-free connection to emergency help. Our Elevator Emergency Phones are meticulously designed to ensure clear communication. With our versatile mounting options and power and connectivity flexibility, our code compliant solutions will ensure you adhere to the highest standards set by ASME, B44, and ADA.
Elevator Light Curtains

More than 2 million AVIRE light curtains have reached customers ranging from global elevator manufacturers to local installers.

IP Elevator Emergency Phones
Voice and Data Cellular Gateways
Elevate your communication with our Cellular Gateways. Designed for seamless integration, these gateways are compatible not only with any Rath SmartPhone VI Emergency Phones or Janus Emergency Phones but also with other phone systems in the market.
Pool Phones
Pool Phones
Pools, while a source of recreation and relaxation, can also present unforeseen dangers. Immediate access to emergency communication in such areas is not just a convenience; it's a lifesaver. Our pool phones designed specifically for these environments, ensures help is always just a button press away.