Lift Emergency Telephones

Avire offers a range of Emergency Telephones including GSM and PSTN autodiallers and their accessories. Our phones are all fully compliant to European Standards and provide installers with reliable solutions for all installations.

We understand the need for minimising installation and programming time; therefore our solutions are easy to install and have a variety of programming options for both on site and remote programming. For GSM options Avire offers SIM Cards tested and approved for the lift industry by our expert team.

The Avire Hub is a cloud based platform that allows for monitoring and configuration from any internet capable device. The Avire Hub’s intuitive user experience takes the hassle out of monitoring devices and staying compliant to industry standards with actions such as 3 day test calls and technical alerts.


DCP Digital Communications Platform

  • Compliant with
    EN81-28 with accessories

  • Connectivity

  • Programming
    Avire Hub, SMS

  • Mounting options
    Machine Room / Top of Shaft

DCP Accessories

The DCP System is available with a number of different accessories including CAN Bus Splitter, Inductive Loop, Universal Power Supply and Triphony Unit.

Memcom Elevator Emergency Telephone

  • Compliant with

  • Connectivity

  • Programming
    On-Device, The Avire Hub

  • Mounting options

Memcom Accessories

The Memcom emergency telephone is available with a number of different accessories including GSM, Inductive Loop and Multi-Point Station.

C100 Emergency Telephone

The Memco C100 emergency telephone system is a ‘plug and play’ COP based system, which provides quick and easy installation with various mounting options.

Universal Gateway

The Universal Gateway is capable of supporting any analogue emergency telephone in place of a PSTN landline. This system is ideal for those seeking to install an EN81-28 compliant emergency telephone system or to upgrade any existing system from PSTN to GSM.

Avire Hub

The Avire Hub is our market-leading cloud monitoring system, specifically designed for the lift industry it opens up a world of possibilities.