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Memcom+ Lift Emergency Phone
The Memcom+ lift emergency phone is a high-quality, and reliable autodialler that provides trapped passengers quick and easy access to emergency assistance. The unit has a speaker, microphone, and backlit LCD for programming and status updates.
SENTINEL Lift emergency connection service
SENTINEL - The only UK pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service. Remove hassle and costs whilst fulfilling your obligations . With diagnostic health checks, fault resolution and lifetime provisioning, Sentinel is all you need to keep your lift connection resilient. Always.
Lift Light Curtains Panachrome+
The MEMCO Panachrome+ lift curtain with red and green LEDs highlights door movements, making lifts safer and reducing accidents. 3D detection extends passenger protection into the landing zone, and remote diagnostics reduce site visit frequency.
Lift Light Curtains Panachrome
The MEMCO Panachrome lift detector is ideal for high-traffic areas, e.g., hospitals, hotels, or airports. Patented red/green LED lights warn when the doors are closing, and sensors detect lift door blockage. Optional 3D sensors extend protection into the landing area.
Lift Light Curtains Smart 3D
The MEMCO Smart 3D lift detector for Panachrome+ lift curtains is an innovative product that resolves common problems with 3D edges technology, reducing the false triggers caused by reflected light or flooring, stationary objects, dark clothing, and cross traffic.
Lift Light Curtains Pana 40+
The MEMCO Pana 40+ is our bestselling lift light curtain. Suitable for any installation, due to the range of available profiles. The exceptional quality, reliability, and durability make it perfect for high-risk and high-traffic applications.
Lift Light Curtains E-Series
The E-Series Lift Light Curtains is our entry-level lift door detector that fulfills all basic compliance requirements. It is easily and quickly integrated into door leading edges of existing or new lifts to prevent passenger accidents and door damage.
DCP Lift Digital Communication Platform
Bring your lift emergency telephone system into the digital age with the Avire Digital Communications Platform (DCP).
AVIRE HUB Lift Monitoring Software
Stay on top of your entire lift installation portfolio with advanced lift monitoring software in the AVIRE HUB. Remotely monitor, program, and update devices, receive alerts and alarms, and comply with regulations to monitor test calls, as well as providing an audit trail.
AVIRE APP Lift installation software
A lift installation app that makes it easier to install and configure lift emergency telephone devices, when you are on-site, and then register them in the AVIRE HUB for remote monitoring. Download the app on your phone and log in with your AVIRE HUB credentials.
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