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DCP Lift Digital Communication Platform

EN 81-28
Bring your lift emergency telephone system into the digital age with the Avire Digital Communications Platform (DCP).

Combining a GSM gateway, lift emergency telephone and M2M gateway into a single device, the MEMCO DCP is the brain of your modern emergency telephone system, allowing you to:

    • Manage outgoing emergency calls via a GSM mobile network connection (rather than a legacy PSTN connection)

    • Remotely configure and monitor the device via the cloud-based Avire Hub

    • Connect to multiple Digital Audio Units (lift car, top of car and pit) via the 4-wire CAN Bus system, to provide microphone and speaker functionality

    • Remotely configure all connected devices and extract lift monitoring data

Features and Benefits

  • Future-proof your lift emergency telephone:

There are three major network changes you should consider when deciding on the most appropriate lift emergency telephone.

  • The switch from the analogue PSTN to digital planned for 2025
  • The current phasing out of 3G services by all UK mobile network operators
  • The planned 2G switch by all UK mobile network operators

The latest MEMCO DCP supports both 2G and 4G, meaning your lift emergency telephone is future-proofed for the approaching network changes.

  • GSM Network Flexibility and Reliability:
    • Supports voice (VoLTE) and data over 4G, with fall back to 2G (2G only variant available) – no PSTN landline required.
    • Works best with the Avire M2M SIM Card* – a non-steered roaming SIM which connects to the network with the strongest signal, rather than a pre-determined network

(*Avire SIM sold separately)

  • Ease of Installation:
    • Remote configuration/set-up via the Avire Hub, Avire mobile app or SMS
    • Built-in signal strength tester to aid installation in the most suitable location within the lift shaft
  • Reduce Costs
    • Multiple remote configuration options, reducing engineer’s time on site
    • Technical and configuration calls via the data network, reducing voice call costs
  • Battery Back-Up
    • Built-in battery back-up allowing for up to 9hrs of power in the event of a power outage
  • Backward Compatibility
    • Works with any brand of analogue phone compatible with the P100 protocol
  • Remote Management
    • Monitoring and in-life configuration via the cloud-based Avire Hub management platform
  • Standards Compliant Integrated Ecosystem
    • The Avire Emergency Communication System includes the EN81-20 compliant MEMCO DCP, Top of Car (TOC), Car Operating Panel (COP), Surface Mount and Pit Digital Audio Units (DAU) and EN81-70 compliant Inductive Loops.
    • Facilitated via the CAN Bus and LPBus connections
Technical drawings
DCP Lift Digital Communication Platform Drawing 1

Files and Resources

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