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The AVIRE Machine to Machine (M2M) lift SIM cards provide your lift with a reliable connection at all times. These cards connect automatically to all major network providers ensuring the strongest signal and won’t be disconnected due to low usage.
mark Tailored for the lift industry: Operates seamlessly in extreme temperatures and endures vibrations.
mark M2M Reliability: Say goodbye to unexpected disconnections caused by low usage.
mark Non-steered and fully roaming: Automatically identifies and connects to the most robust signal available, ensuring a consistently reliable connection.
mark Pre-activated with remote renewals: Minimize hassle and call-out fees with easy, remote renewals for uninterrupted service.
mark Calls and Data included with usage monitoring: no more unexpectedd high bills
mark Flexible Plans: Choose between pay upfront/fixed term or subscription plans that suit your needs.
mark When paired with our AVIRE DCP: efficient Use (One SIM supports up to 4 lift alarms); Remote Monitoring (Gain access to our advanced remote monitoring platform—the Avire Hub)
AVIRE SIM CardSENTINEL – Annual SIM subscription
– Fixed Term Contract
– Pay upfront for a fixed term of either 2,3,4 or 5yrs
– Flexible payment options: Choose to pay either monthly, quarterly or annually.
– Auto renews at end of term: ensures your lifts remain connected, saving you potential call out fees.
– One plan, one renewal date, one invoice – no matter how complex your SIM estate is. Align all your SIMs under one plan and get rid of the hassle and that spreadsheet…

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