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Connecting and protecting people

Elevator safety and communication products and solutions that keep your elevator in operation, help you remain fully compliant with all applicable regulations, and provide a safe and pleasant experience for your elevator users. 

Your trusted global partner for standards and compliance 

AVIRE takes the worry out of compliance. Keeping up with constantly changing regulations and standards on elevator safety can be challenging. As an elevator owner or consultant, you face the legal consequences of non-compliance, and a higher risk to the elevator users.  

Our team stays up to date with the latest industry standards and trends, providing you with the information you need to stay compliant. 


Our end-to-end solutions offer an extensive range of safety and communication products for elevators including emergency telephones, connectivity solutions, communication systems, light curtains and displays. Our products are installed in over four million buildings worldwide and are made up of market leading brands, each with their own unique histories and specialties.

With over 50 years of experience, manufacturing plants in 4 countries, and offices in 14 locations across the world, our products have been installed in over four million buildings worldwide.

AVIRE is a part of the Halma group of life-saving technology companies.



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Trust and reliability

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Our commitment

The global climate crisis affects everyone. At AVIRE, we aim to identify the extent to which our activities contribute to the problem and how we can reduce their impact. Our five-year plan addresses all sustainability topics, from direct and indirect emissions, to building a sustainable supply chain and reducing upstream emissions, through to waste management and the circular economy.

Customer centric approach

Inclusion and diversity

Sustainability and environment

Operational excellence

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