Increase the visibility of your lifts

The data at a glance...

Usage Statistics

Evaluate maintenance schedules and monitor people flow with usage data.

Lift Status

Check the status of your lift portfolio from anywhere with automated and on-demand testing.


Find out about problems with automatic alerts, stay compliant and keep records in one place.

What can Avire offer you?

We know that the smooth operation of lifts within a building is highly important to Facilities Managers and building users, however, there is often very limited understanding about the status and performance of the lifts. With the Avire Hub you can have sight of all of your lifts in one place. Our solution is not a complete predictive maintenance solution with every single tiny bit of data, but we can provide a solution that can be used for all of your lifts, no matter the age, manufacturer or lift maintenance company that you use. With our modular system we can work with you and your maintenance provider to find the best solution for your portfolio.

Silver Package

Remotely test your lifts to make sure they are functioning with automatic tests or on-demand tests when needed. Be aware of breakdowns early in order to get your lifts back into service as quickly as possible.

Gold Package

Additional premium monitorable light curtains provide the ultimate passenger and door protection for your lifts. You can also check if a lift is unable to move or if something is currently blocking the doors.

Platinum Package

All the benefits of the previous packages plus the option to register lifts going into maintenance mode plus monitoring of configurable outputs and a smart sensor that can determine floor positioning.

All of our packages are flexible to suit the needs of your portfolio and an EN81-28:2018 compliant emergency phone system can be included within any package. Contact us to talk to one of our lift experts for a consultation and live demo of our system!

Lift Door Safety...

With our patented light curtains, Panachrome Plus, you are able to monitor your light curtains to make sure that lift users are kept safe. You can also check and make sure there is not something in the way of the doors and avoid unnecessary call outs to your lift company when an issue is reported. Watch the video to find out more.

Monitor your Light Curtains!

Ecosystem Package is Gold for Unitas!

“The Avire Ecosystem is the perfect fit for us as we needed to be able to remotely monitor our lift portfolio in order to keep our tenants safe and make sure that everything is running to provide the best service. We can now monitor compliance, check our lifts remain active and avoid extra unnecessary trips to our sites that waste time and money!”

Julian Cooper, Electrical Operational Team Leader at Unitas
Ecosystem Gold Package with additions of floor position monitoring and configurable outputs.

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Committed to helping you

Managing your lifts can be difficult, but Avire really can help. Our integrated lift solutions are designed to make your life easier and help your lifts continuously run smoothly. We work closely with lift companies for any help needed with installation of our products. Post installation our excellent technical support and customer service teams are available for both you and your lift maintenance provider.

We offer free consultations with our team of experts who can offer advice and information regarding meeting regulations and the level of monitoring to suit your portfolio. We will then work with your contracted lift maintenance company regarding the hardware and installation and both you and your lift company regarding the monitoring on our internet based platform, The Avire Hub.

Avire works with lift maintenance companies across the globe to deliver the latest technology for passenger protection and emergency communication. Our smart technology can provide information such as the time of the last lift movement, current door status and time of the last door movement. This data can then be accessed remotely and securely via the Avire Hub.

Products within the Avire Ecosystem offer a variety of benefits, including the exact location of each lift on the system and remote testing.

Be in the know and receive alerts if an alarm call is placed or if a lift breaks down, as you can easily check and be alerted to the status of your lifts.

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