SmartView 2 Two-Way Visual Communication

The redesigned SmartView 2 system simplifies your building compliance with ASME A17.1 2019/CSA B44-19 and IBC 2018 requirements for two-way elevator visual communication, providing the hearing impaired with an improved method to communicate with rescue services
All-in-one Design: Streamlines installation by integrating a phone (microphone and speaker), display, and camera into a single unit, ensuring fewer components and a more straightforward installation

Flexible Programming: Configure the system on-site using laptop or phone

Safe and Secure: With increasing concerns about security and privacy, the SmartView 2 System prioritizes encryption and safety

Cost-Effective Installation: The system’s design reduces components and wiring (by transmitting data and audio over a single twisted pair of wiring), saving both time and money

Main products

Machine Room Unit 7100
The SmartView 2 Machine Room Unit provides the conversion from twisted pair to ethernet and POTS line and power to the SmartView 2 Elevator unit. This is essential to the system for connectivity of audio / video to the outside world and power. The requirement of the system is one SmartView Machine Room unit to one SmartView 2 Elevator unit, without both in a system the SmartView 2 will not function.
Elevator In Car Unit 7200
The SmartView 2 Elevator Unit is a combined audio and visual communication system providing complete ADA compliance within the elevator car.
The unit comprises of a display, camera, microphone, and speaker all within one compact housing. The SmartView 2 Elevator Unit also has inputs for the emergency call button and yes / no buttons to allow a trapped passenger to answer text messages that are displayed on the screen
Note: The 7100 Machine Room Unit is required to complete the installation of this unit
SmartView Command Center for 1-116 Phones
In buildings where elevators travel beyond 60 ft, ensuring effective communication becomes even more critical. The SmartView Lobby Communication Unit (designed to work with both SmartView 1 & 2, it is meticulously designed to bridge this communication gap, providing a direct line of sight and communication to every elevator in the building
Positioned strategically in the building's lobby, this unit serves as the first point of contact for elevator maintenance teams and first responders. It offers them a comprehensive overview of the situation within each elevator, ensuring rapid response times and informed decision-making
RP7700104S UPS Power Supply
Designed to meet essential backup requirements, the RP7700104S Uninterruptible Power Supply keeps the SmartView system running when the power goes out during an emergency.

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