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Elevator In Car Unit 7200

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The SmartView 2 Elevator Unit is a combined audio and visual communication system providing complete ADA compliance within the elevator car.
  • The unit comprises of a display, camera, microphone, and speaker all within one compact housing. The SmartView 2 Elevator Unit also has inputs for the emergency call button and yes / no buttons to allow a trapped passenger to answer text messages that are displayed on the screen
  • Note: The 7100 Machine Room Unit is required to complete the installation of this unit

Dimensions: 6.28" H x 4.63" W x 0.34" D

Code Compliance:

  • Conforms to ASME Standard 17.1
  • Certified to UL 62368-1

Power Requirements:

  • 24vdc (Power Provided by Machine Room Unit)
  • Connections: Screw Terminals

Wiring Requirements: Connect elevator phone and machine room device via PLC on both devices

Optional Connections:

  • Compatible with the SmartView Viewing Site
  • Connection for an external USB Camera
  • Dry contacts for Yes/No or Door Open/Closed buttons and call activation button


  • Mounting: Behind the COP Mount
  • Environmental: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
  • Current Draw: Active=0.28A Idle=0.19A

Warranty: 2 years

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