Case study

Unitas, Stoke City Council wins with full lift safety package

Unitas wanted to minimise lifts doors hitting its building users. Additionally, false call outs due to lift doors being blocked, were unnecessary and expensive. But how to overcome these without being at every site to visually assess the situation?
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The Problem

Unitas were looking to achieve more visibility over their lifts, what was working and not working in their portfolio spread across the Stoke area. In many buildings knowing the position of the lift, along with understanding if the doors were blocked would prevent unnecessary frustration of users and false call outs to their lift companies. Avoiding a solution that tied them to one maintenance provider and a monthly contract for licenses/software were key criteria and they wanted to have full control of the system.

The Solution

After considering their options, Unitas specified a customised MEMCO’s comprehensive lift safety package which included the Navigation box and Connex-01, and set to work on having a pilot project installed at Longton Library.  The next site was at the Roslyn Works building and after this the roll-out has continued across their portfolio starting in January 2020.

The comprehensive lift safety package leveraged the safety and communications ecosystem and was helped them achieve their goals.  This bespoke package included the Digital Communication Platform, emergency communications system, Lift Hawk, Panachrome+ edges and controller plus the Navigation box and Connex-02.

The Result

The package has given those at Unitas the visibility of lift status which they are able to access online, remotely and from any location.

Remotely checking the lifts are moving and that the doors can open and close is helping to make sure that their tenants and building users can move safely and easily and if issues arise, they can be dealt with quickly.

Unitas has full admin rights for their AVIRE HUB account, and they can provide logins for specific installations depending on the building and its corresponding lift maintenance provider.  The AVIRE HUB also allows Unitas to create reports automatically on certain key lift parameters.

Maintaining compliance is key for Unitas and making sure that autodiallers are compliant with the latest 3-day background test calls is made easy with the lift emergency communication system.  The devices also report on back-up battery and SIM card status so Unitas can be sure that these remain functional and reliable.

“MEMCO’s comprehensive lift safety package is the perfect fit for us as we needed to be able to remotely monitor our lift portfolio in order to keep our tenants safe and make sure that everything is running to provide the best service. We can now monitor compliance, check our lifts remain active and avoid extra unnecessary trips to our sites that waste time and money!”

  • Julian Cooper, Electrical Operational Team Leader at Unitas

Nearly all housing projects have been fitted with MEMCO’s comprehensive lift safety package and Unitas are looking to carry out increased installations within their public buildings.