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Avire Hub

The data you need, in one place.

The Avire Hub is a secure online platform that allows you to configure, monitor and update Avire Ecosystem connected devices. Through the Avire Hub you can monitor key information from all lifts, no matter the age or manufacturer.

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Real Time Monitoring Error Alerts Graphical Analysis
Remote lift checks, emergency communication compliance and sensor monitoring. Real time alerts for faults and issues to reduce the downtime on your lifts. LMS Lite offers a simple interface for checking the status of each lift.

Within the Avire Hub…

LMS Lite 

LMS Lite allows you to drill deeper and quickly see a visual update per lift where devices are installed. The data is recorded in the Avire Hub and comes from installed Avire Ecosystem devices. Depending on your needs we can recommend various packages to transform your business and day to day activities.

  • Monitoring distance travelled can help to determine maintenance schedules and when equipment will need replacing.
  • Use Lift HAWK to remotely test the lift when a breakdown is reported before travelling to site.
  • Panachrome+ can send data back to the Avire Hub regarding the status of the light curtains. Check that they are compliant and if an issue is reported, check for door blockages.

Drag & Drop   

Update your displays remotely with the easy to use program within the Avire Hub (updates can be done Over The Air [OTA] using a DCP or via a LAN connection dependent on the display). Keep an eye on your lift portfolio easily and from one place with the Avire Hub.

The Avire Hub has been thoroughly tested and secured. Click here to read our insights article for more information on cloud computing and security on The Avire Hub.

Take a look...

The Avire Hub Homepage: the dashboard lets you see all of your main data and alerts in one place.

LMS Lite: See data regarding a specific installation, including floor position, distance travelled, and time of last movement. You can also trigger actions such as Lift HAWK's remote test.

Key Features

    • View your complete installation portfolio from one location
    • Perform and record test calls as required by EN81-28
    • Access and program devices from any internet capable device
    • Ensure you have the latest functionality by sending updates to connected devices
    • Alerts via email
    • Receive, record and view multiple event types, including technical calls, alarms and status updates
    • When installed with a DCP, CAN Bus enabled products such as Panachrome+ (G3851) and our PRP display can be programmed and monitored from the Avire Hub
    • Multiple user types to allow different access levels and views, including read only accounts

    *Some functions are only possible when using the Avire Hub with our Digital Communication Platform (DCP) GSM device.

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I consent to my details being stored in reference to the GDPR act. See Privacy Policy.

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