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Panachrome+ 2D Safety Edge

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The Panachrome+ is the world’s most complete elevator door detection system featuring dense infrared 234 beam safety edge. This premium safety edge has red and green indicators to highlight door movement and is also available with 3D detection, extending passenger protection into the landing zone.
Panachrome + Safety Edges
Safety Edge with green lights

Key Features:

  • Complete Door Detection: Recognized as the world’s most comprehensive elevator door detection system, it ensures that no object or individual is in the path of closing doors
  • Visual Indicators: The unique red and green indicators not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also provide clear signals of door movements, enhancing passenger safety
  • Seamless Upgrade to Enhanced 3D Protection: While the Panachrome+ offers top-tier 2D protection, it also provides the flexibility to integrate 3D radar detection (available as a separate purchase). This ensures an added layer of safety extending into the landing zone and can be effortlessly incorporated post the initial installation
  • High Traffic, High Safety: Especially designed for locations with high passenger traffic, it ensures that safety is never compromised, even in the busiest of environments
  • Proven Benefits: With the Panachrome+ in place, buildings have witnessed a significant reduction in door damages and passenger accidents, making it a trusted choice for many

Additional Features:

  • Colored red/green indicators highlight door movement
  • The 3D detection zone covers from just above floor level to 65" and the detection range is equal to approximately half the door separation
  • Dense infrared 154 beam safety edge
  • Suitable for center opening and side opening doors
  • Voice option available
  • Self-drilling screws make the product quick and easy to install
  • Power reduction software prolongs the life of the safety edge

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