Rath Janus

Muster Point Tower

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Muster/Rally Points are a key piece to any Emergency Evacuation plan. They provide a highly visible, central meeting location for employees or visitors to gather during an emergency, ensuring that all are accounted for. Available with customizable labels and power options allow these strategic towers to create a 360° highly visible, safe gathering place.

Easily Identified:

  • They should be well known to employees and clearly marked for easy identification during an emergency and located a sufficient distance from buildings to ensure a safe gathering spot
  • At 9' tall with colorful strobe, the Towers will quickly provide the required visible notification

Available in both

Easy to Use:

  • One press of the button or lifting of the handset and you’ll be connected to the Facility Emergency Response Coordinator

Optional Features:

  • Handset Phones
  • Enclosed Handset Phones
  • Mass Notification Speakers
  • Custom colors/lettering
  • Laser engraved face plates
  • Proximity Card Badge Readers

Warranty: 2 years

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