Free Standing

Whether it’s a university campus bustling with students or employees or a serene park immediate access to emergency services can make all the difference. Our dual purpose, Free Standing Blue Light Emergency Phones, provide both a sense of security and direct line to first responders.
Security professionals have access with both visual and audio capabilities.
Customize with several different styles, power options and accessories.

Main products

9′ Wired Tower
The 2100-T Series 9' Wired Blue Light Towers are designed for locations where you want to utilize existing power and provide a visible 360° highly visible location.
11′ Solar Tower
The 2100-TS Series 11' Solar Blue Light Towers are an environmentally friendly and a proven, self sustaining, green technology. Wireless communication and solar power allow the Solar Tower to be installed almost anywhere where a 360° safe location is required.
Muster Point Tower
Muster/Rally Points are a key piece to any Emergency Evacuation plan. They provide a highly visible, central meeting location for employees or visitors to gather during an emergency, ensuring that all are accounted for. Available with customizable labels and power options allow these strategic towers to create a 360° highly visible, safe gathering place.
5′ 8″ Pedestal
The 2100-P Series 5' 8" Pedestals assist those who may be stranded, injured or need help. The freestanding, phone has a blue beacon and strobe which is visible 360° supporting a quick location. Excellent choice for walkways, parks, open landscape areas, college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, healthcare facilities and corporate campuses.

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