Rath Janus

Mounting Options

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With our power and technology options there is virtually no limit to where our rugged Blue Light Call Stations and Towers can be installed. Utilize our mounting hardware to simplify your installation.

Call Station Pole Mount Brackets

  • Bracket can be used to mount the Call Stations to a pole
  • Ideal pole size is 10” in diameter
  • Three slots on the bracket are for strapping the unit to the pole
  • RP7700098A - 36" Call Station
  • RP7700098AE - 30" Eco Call Station

7010B Blue Beacon Strobe Mounting Kit

  • Use in conjunction with a call box in order to associate a strobe with it
  • Use on a pole with a call station to mount a strobe higher on the pole to create greater visibility

7005 Call Box Pole Mounting Kit

  • Mounting kit for the 2100-986 Series Call Boxes
  • Mount on a pole with a maximum pole diameter of 10 1/2"

Tower Mounting Hardware

  • 7477 for existing concrete
  • 7476 for new concrete
  • Includes site mounting hardware, preparation instructions and concrete pad template
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