Personalize your Emergency Blue Light Towers and Call Stations
With our options and accessories, you can create custom solutions to match your brand, add extra security and provide an aesthetically pleasing emergency communication solution to connect and protect people in every location.

Main products

Dual Purpose and Two Button Faceplate
Dual purpose phones enable more flexibility for your emergency phones. Typically, one button directly dials rescue personnel or 9-1-1 and the second button will call non-emergency number such as campus information desk.
Emergency Button Cover
Utilize our Emergency Button Cover to prevents accidental button calls to emergency services
Laser Engraved Faceplates
Customize your Emergency Blue Light Tower or Call Station with our laser engraved face plates.
A camera is a great companion security tool with our Blue Light Emergency Phones. Camera solutions (choose from Dome Mount or Discrete View™ Pinhole options) can be as simple or sophisticated as your situation calls for.
Color and Finish Options
Personalize your Emergency Blue Light Towers and Call Stations to match your institution's brand.
Mounting Options
With our power and technology options there is virtually no limit to where our rugged Blue Light Call Stations and Towers can be installed. Utilize our mounting hardware to simplify your installation.
Construction Covers
Protect your Blue Light Towers during installation, cover your they may be out of service or if emergency personnel is unavailable.

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