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A camera is a great companion security tool with our Blue Light Emergency Phones. Camera solutions (choose from Dome Mount or Discrete View™ Pinhole options) can be as simple or sophisticated as your situation calls for.

The camera image can:

  • Stream continuously and monitored live at your facility or by a monitoring company
  • "Sleep" until the phone is activated
  • Upon phone activation, the camera image could be monitored live or recorded to a device for viewing later

Dome Cameras

  • Provides 360° visibility can be installed on a tower mounting pole allowing a wide area of viewing activity in common and parking areas or anywhere a tower is installed
  • Continuous stream or upon remote station activation
  • The dome camera can also be installed on a wall associated with a call station
  • Choose from two types of Dome Cameras Fixed and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

Discrete View™ (Pinhole) Cameras

  • Compatible with any Rath or Janus emergency phones
  • Field adjustable viewing angle
  • Send to video monitor DVR device or local SD card
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