Rath Janus

Command Center 360° Supervision

Only available in
NFPA 72®
NFPA 72 2016 360° Supervision requirements state that pathways between the remote call stations and the master control station shall be monitored for integrity. To meet these requirements:
  • Each 2400 Series Call Box, Command Center, and outside phone line connect directly into the RATH Supervisor Board (2500__-SPRVSR). The 2500-__SPRVSR has a Communications Failure relay output that can be connected to an addressable fire alarm module or fire control panel
  • If power supervision is needed, an additional purchase of the UPS Monitor (2500-UPSMONITOR), which includes a Power Failure relay output, is required.
Available in 12, 16, 28, 36, 56, 76, 96, or 116 Zone
• Includes 2500-UPSMONITOR
• To order without the UPS Monitor, add an “N” to the end of the model number (ex: 2500-12SPRVSRN)

• Supervisor monitors remote Call Boxes and telephone lines
• Provides a relay output when it does not detect a component of the system

Connections: RJ11 connections to each Call Box and phone line, punch down terminal connections to Distribution Module

Power Requirements: 12vdc (includes UL listed transformer that plugs into a 120vac backed up source or use RATH model RP7700104 or RP7701500

Mounting: Wall mounted swing out bracket

Warranty: 2 years

5-1/4″ H x 3-1/8″ W x 2-5/8″ D

Power Requirements:
• 24vdc @ 28mA / 24vac @ 69mA
• 120vac @ 45mA / 230vac @ 36mA per module position

Polarized Coil Input(s):  DC control inputs only

Energized Indicator: One red LED per module position

Contact Ratings:
• Resistive load: 7A @ 30vdc, 10A @ 125vac, 7A @ 250vac
• Inductive load: .25 HP 125/250vac (N.C.), .33HP 125/250vac (N.O.)

Contact Construction: Dry form “C” DPDT per module position

Ambient Temperature:
• 32ºF to 120ºF (0°C to 49°C) @ 93% RH (@32°C)
• Non-Condensing / Non-Freezing

“/T” Versions: 3.5″ wide, low profile snap track provided with mounting screws

“/C” Versions:
• Backbox: 18ga CRS, plated with 1/2″ conduit knockouts top and bottom
• Cover Material: MR-101, MR-201: plastic ABS 94V-0 (“/C” Grey, “/C/R” Red) MR-104, MR-204: CRS 18ga (“/C” Grey, “/C/R” Red)

• “T” versions: UL Recognized Component (UL864, UOXX2)File #S3403, CSFM File #7300-1004:106 “C” versions: UL Listed (UL864, UOXX), CUL Listed (UL864, UOXX7) File #S3403, CSFM File #7300-1004:101, MEA File #73-92-E Vol.14 (MR-101, MR-104), Vol. 16 (MR-201, MR-204) “C/R” versions: UL Listed (UL864, UOXX), CUL Listed (UL864, UOXX7) File #S3403, CSFM File #7300-1004:101, MEA File #73-92-E Vol. 22
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