Analog Command Center System for 1-116 Call Boxes

The Command Center Two-Way Emergency Communication System is designed to provide efficient two-way, person-to-person voice communication for Area of Refuge, accommodating an impressive range of 1 to 116 Call Boxes. Utilizing a home run configuration with only one pair of wires needed between each Call Box and the head end. All components are crafted to meet current industry codes, ensuring top-tier reliability and compliance.

Efficient Wiring: Utilizing just one pair of wires between each Call Box & Distribution Module, the system ensures easy and cost-effective installation
Dedicated Communication: The system provides two-way person-to-person voice off-site communication capabilities utilizing only one dedicated phone line, enhancing efficiency
Safe & Secure: The Command Center System offers a robust and scalable solution for buildings requiring extensive two-way communication capabilities

Main products

2400 Series Command Center Call Boxes
Each Area of Refuge requires hands-free, two-way emergency communication devices (Call Boxes) on each floor above and below the main exit floor.
The Command Center Call Boxes, designed for large-scale installations of up to 116 Call Boxes, provide a reliable means for distressed individuals to communicate with rescue personnel during an emergency
Utilizing a single pair of wires for each Call Box, the system ensures an efficient and cost-effective installation process
The Command Center Call Boxes offer a scalable and robust solution without compromising on quality or compliance, ensuring top-tier reliability and adherence to industry standards
2500 Series Command Center and Distribution Modules
A code-compliant Area of Refuge System requires a central control point to manage emergency assistance calls from Call Boxes.
The Command Center base stations, designed to handle up to 116 Call Boxes, provide a seamless means of communication between stranded individuals, rescue personnel, and offsite parties
Utilizing an analog home run configuration with a single pair of wires for each Call Box, the system ensures an efficient and cost-effective installation process
The system includes Base Stations and Distribution Modules, Power Supply with battery backup sold separately
Command Center Power Supplies
Our range of power supplies for the Command Center system is designed to meet backup requirements as dictated by NFPA 72.
These power supplies ensure that your system remains operational for a minimum of 24 hours under quiescent load (when the system is in a non-alarm condition)
Following this period, they retain the capability to activate all alarm notification appliances used for evacuation or directing aid to the area of refuge, functioning for 60 minutes in total darkness
Tailored to support the Command Center's analog configuration for up to 116 Call Boxes, these power supplies provide a robust and reliable solution, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your Area of Refuge system
Command Center 360° Supervision
NFPA 72 2016 360° Supervision requirements state that pathways between the remote call stations and the master control station shall be monitored for integrity. To meet these requirements:
Each 2400 Series Call Box, Command Center, and outside phone line connect directly into the RATH Supervisor Board (2500__-SPRVSR). The 2500-__SPRVSR has a Communications Failure relay output that can be connected to an addressable fire alarm module or fire control panel
If power supervision is needed, an additional purchase of the UPS Monitor (2500-UPSMONITOR), which includes a Power Failure relay output, is required.

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