SENTINEL – Lift emergency connection service

The Digital Switch is currently underway and could have already affected your area. The change from copper to fibre lines will affect the resilience of lift emergency phone lines – particularly during power failures, which is the most likely time when an entrapment may occur.


National Stop Sell of Analogue Telephone Lines

is happening NOW

And that means that under the following conditions you’ll get fibre (whether you asked for it or not)!

Stop sell means that no new analogue services can be ordered. This includes even the following situations:

  • Change of communication provider (aka “name on your bill“)
  • Working line take over (“lines moving between owners”)


Analogue Switch Off in the UK

472Days 11Hours 46Minutes 43Seconds


What is your responsibility as a lift owner?

Lift regulations indicate that lift owners are required to provide a resilient 2-way emergency communication connection to the lift. Failure to comply could leave lift owners liable.

As the digital switch continues to move forward throughout the UK, existing phone lines are becoming non-resilient and cannot be used during a power cut – one of the most likely moments when a lift entrapment could occur!

Ensure your emergency equipment is compliant and that the backup batteries are fully charged, regularly monitored and reliable.



Upgrade your lift safety game today with our solution, SENTINEL:


A resilient 2-way connection to your lift

Our solution offers both signal and battery back up to your emergency connection enabling your trapped customers to dial out, even in a power failure.


Management of the resilient connection

Real time monitoring of the connection and power status with remote diagnostics and fault resolution. Digital audit trails for when you need it.



We manage your connectivity transition across your portfolio, without any up front fees. And no matter how complex your portfolio, you will only ever receive one monthly bill.

Check to see if your area has already transitioned

The Digital Switch is currently underway, with completion throughout the UK planned for 2026. Zoom into this map to see the roll out in specific parts of the country.

Data source: Full Fibre Build Programme locations*

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