Addressable SmartCommand System for 1-32 Call Boxes

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SmartCommand Call Boxes 3300_
Each Area of Refuge is required to have hands-free, two-way emergency communication devices (Call Boxes) located on each floor above/below the main exit floor.
The SmartCommand Call Boxes provide distressed parties a means to communicate with rescue personnel during an emergency
The system Call Boxes can be daisy chained for a quick and efficient installation
Fully Conforms to UL 2525 Standard
SmartCommand Call Commanders 3200_
Code compliant Area of Refuge Systems require a central control point where the Call Boxes call for emergency assistance.
The Call Commander (Master Station) provides a means of communication between stranded individuals, rescue personnel, and offsite parties
Fully conforms to UL 2525 Standards
SmartCommand BOSS 3400
The BOSS, or the “brains” of the SmartCommand System, provides power and communication to the Call Boxes and Call Commander through 2 pair cable.
The BOSS was engineered to include built-in state of the art supervision and communication capabilities and monitored for integrity typically by the fire alarm panel
Fully conforms to UL 2525 Standards for NFPA 72 supervision requirements
UPS Power Supply 1000
Designed to meet essential backup requirements (dictated by NFPA 72), ensuring that your system remains operational for a minimum of 24 hours under quiescent load (when the system is in a non-alarm condition).
Following this period, it retains the capability to activate all alarm notification appliances used for evacuation or directing aid to the area of refuge, functioning for 60 minutes in total darkness.

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