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SmartCommand Call Commanders 3200_

Only available in
Code compliant Area of Refuge Systems require a central control point where the Call Boxes call for emergency assistance.
  • The Call Commander (Master Station) provides a means of communication between stranded individuals, rescue personnel, and offsite parties
  • Fully conforms to UL 2525 Standards

Power and Wiring Requirements:

  • Call Commander is powered from the BOSS
  • Call Commander to BOSS requires two pair

Programming Features: Text to speech message programming via BOSS Head End

Phone Capabilities:

  • Audible alert sounds when Call Boxes place a call until the Call Commander answers the call
  • Display indicates which Call Boxes have initiated a call
  • Rescue personnel can communicate with individual Call Boxes and outside party
  • Calls wait in queue until previous call is disconnected and receive a message stating that an emergency call is in progress. When the prior call clears, the next phone in queue is connected
  • Includes handset and speaker phone for communication to Call Boxes

Warranty: 2 years

SmartCommand Call Commanders available in Flush, Surface and Desk mounting options

3200F Call Commander Flush Mount Cabinet
Front Frame: 16.11″ H x 14″ W x 3″ D
Back Box: 15.62″ H x 12″ W x 3″D
Style: Powder coated steel enclosure with twist lock closure
3200S Call Commander Surface Mount Cabinet
15.14″ H x 12″ W x 6.19″ D
Style: Powder coated steel enclosure with twist lock closure

3200D Call Commander Desk Mount
3200D Call Commander Desk Mount
Dimensions: 7.95″ H x 9.84″ W x 3.03″ D

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