T2150 Flush Mount Emergency Phone

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The T2150 is a durable handset emergency telephone designed for use in transit systems. When the user picks up the handset the phone automatically dials a pre-programmed number. The back of the faceplate is protected by a dust cover that is sealed at the top and sides to prevent moisture entry.

Dimensions: 11.75" H x 8.5" W x 5.6" D

Standard Features:

  • Flush mount
  • Remotely programmable
  • Stainless steel and Armored handset cord
  • Easy mounting
  • Tip and ring connections only


  • Talk Battery: 24-56VDC
  • Current Range: 11-120mA
  • REN: 0.5B
  • Dialing: DTMF
  • Frequency Response: 550Hz – 3400Hz, +/- 3db
  • Operational Loop Impedance: 600ohms

Power Options: Phone line powered

Communication Options: Landline

Warranty: 2 years

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