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SafeGuard Armor Enclosure

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The SafeGuard™ Armor Enclosure Call Box, housed in a NEMA 4 watertight enclosure, is an excellent fit when you want to provide emergency communications in harsh interior or exterior environments. Options include Handset phone or Speaker phone in single or dual button option. This phone can be programmed to call 911, a Security Guard or any phone number. The location message helps identify the phone almost immediately.

Dimensions: 12-5/8"H x 9-1/4"W x 7"D

Handset Phone:

  • Lift handset to automatically dial pre-programmed number
  • 2300-690SY Direct Dial, Single Number Handset Phone

Speaker Phone:

  • Programmable with up to 2 emergency phone numbers
  • Recordable location message (25 seconds)
  • Automatic answer feature with audible ring
  • 2400-990SY (Single Button) Direct Dial, Single Number Speaker Phone, Push button to automatically dial pre-programmed number
  • 2400-990SYD (Dual Button) Each button can dial its own pre-programmed number automatically with the push of the button (Ex.‘EMERGENCY’ Button and ‘INFORMATION’ Button)

Standard Features:

  • 'EMERGENCY’ embossed logo
  • Vandal resistant
  • NEMA 4 watertight exterior rated enclosure
  • Electrostatically deposited enamel finish (yellow)
  • Moisture tight gasket
  • Wall mount
  • Push button latch for open/close


  • On-site programming
  • Numeric programming keypad
  • Temperature range -40°F to 150°F
  • Automatic dialer (31 digit programmable memory)
  • Touch Tone operation only

Power Options: Phone line powered

Communication Options: Landline

Warranty: 2 years

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