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VoIP Elevator Phones

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Our PoE Powered IP Elevator Solution includes any of our standard 2100 Series IP SmartPhones. This will allow you to access your customer's SIP phone system utilizing a standard, fully code compliant phone with a simple, hassle free installation.

Additional Compliance:
• If installation requires phone line verification, you must use an In Car Analog Phone with Remote IP RATH® 2100-VOIP2CS Interface Device

Power Requirements: Designed for PoE at 802.3af or 12vdc power source with battery backup

Wiring Requirements:
• Requires Cat5e or better cable (maximum 300' run to network switch)
• Connects to Ethernet cable with a standard RJ45 jack
• Connections: FXS RJ11, LAN, and WAN RJ45 (10/100 BaseT)
• Includes one FXS port, one LAN, and one WAN port
• IP protocols: IPv4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, SNTP, STUN, HTTP, and PPPoE

Programming Features:
• Phones program like a standard SmartPhone but the IP communication requires a laptop for programming
• On-site programming
• Programmable with up to 5 emergency numbers
• Recordable location message (18 seconds)
• Pictorial keypad

Phone Capabilities:
• Automatic dialer (31 digit programmable memory)
• Automatic answer feature with audible ring
• Can place a call either on IP Network or IP service provider

Additional Features:
• Ideal for single or multiple phone installations in new construction or modernization projects
• Meets Communication Failure Code Requirements

• Environmental: -40°F - +150°F
• Mounting: Surface, Flush or Behind-the-Panel Mount

Warranty: 2 years

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