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The Avire SIM card is designed for the elevator industry to solve current issues found in telecommunications within the market. Unlike a consumer SIM, the Avire SIM has no network bias and will always roam to the strongest signal available, regardless of the network operator. It will also not receive push notifications which disrupt the GSM module, and it will not be removed from a tower due to low usage.

The Avire SIM increases the connectivity of your elevator, is easy to install and benefits from the Avire pool which reduces the chance of overage charges. The SIM card can be used with Avire’s Digital Communication Platform or GSM modules from other providers.

For more detailed information, review our Market Insights articles on M2M SIMs and SIM security



The only pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service in the UK. Ensures the resilience of emergency telephones in lifts after the switch from copper to fibre lines and futureproofs your hardware to any future technology changes.




Key Features

  • Non-steered roaming which guarantees the security of connection to the cellular network
  • M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM which ensure that lack of traffic and movement will no longer lead to removal from a network
  • Management Platform where usage and charges data can be viewed in real time

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