Lift Emergency Telephones

Avire has invested heavily in its elevator emergency telephones business due to growing market demands across the globe.  The product range includes a comprehensive range of emergency phones and accessories, covering a wide range of applications and providing the installer with installation flexibility.

  • DCP Digital Communications Platform

    The Memco DCP combines a GSM gateway, emergency telephone and M2M gateway in a single unit. The system is EN81-28 compliant supporting up to 4 lift cars. This system can be used for an upgrade from PSTN to GSM.

  • DCP Accessories

    The DCP System is available with a number of different accessories including CAN Bus Splitter, Inductive Loop, Universal Power Supply and Triphony Unit.

  • Memcom Notruftelefon für Aufzüge

    Memcom Elevator Emergency Telephone

    The Memcom elevator emergency telephone system provides trapped passengers with an easy, hands- free connection to emergency help.

  • Memcom Accessories

    The Memcom emergency telephone is available with a number of different accessories including GSM, Inductive Loop, Multi-Point Station and Fire Fighting Unit.

  • Das Avire C100 Aufzug-Notruftelefon

    C100 Emergency Telephone

    The Memco C100 emergency telephone system is a ‘plug and play’ COP based system, which provides quick and easy installation.