Lift Emergency Telephones

Avire offers a range of fully compliant emergency telephones. Our solutions are easy to install, reliable, and provide options for both on-site and remote programming. Our portfolio of solutions includes a variety of accessories including lift optimised SIM Cards.

Our emergency phones include access to the Avire Hub – a cloud-based platform that allows for monitoring and configuration from any internet-capable device. The intuitive user experience makes monitoring devices easy, helping to remain compliant with industry standards with 3-day test calls and technical alerts.


The UK telecoms network is changing...

The UK telecoms network is undergoing an upgrade, with fibre lines are being rolled out across the country to replace copper lines. This is good news for internet speed, but not for the emergency phones in your lifts.



The Digital Communications Platform (DCP) combines a GSM gateway, emergency telephone and M2M gateway in a single unit. The system is EN81-28 compliant supporting up to 4 lift cars. This system can be used for an upgrade from PSTN to GSM.


The only pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service in the UK. Ensures the resilience of emergency telephones in lifts after the switch from copper to fibre lines and futureproofs your hardware to any future technology changes.

DCP Accessories

Accessories for the set up of a system using the Digital Communications Platform, including the CAN Bus Splitter and Universal Power Supply.

Digital Emergency Communication System

DCP audio modules and accessories create an EN81-28 compliant emergency telephone system.

SIM Cards

Avire SIM cards are designed to solve current issues found in telecommunications within the lift industry. Unlike a consumer SIM, the Avire Machine to Machine (M2M) Roaming SIM has no network bias and will always roam to the strongest signal available, regardless of the network operator.

Memcom Elevator Emergency Telephone

  • EN81-28

  • PSTN

  • On-Device, The Avire Hub

  • TOC

Memcom Accessories

The Memcom emergency telephone is available with a number of different accessories including GSM, Inductive Loop and Multi-Point Station.

Avire Hub

The Avire Hub is our secure, market-leading cloud monitoring system that allows you to configure, monitor and update connected devices. With Avire Ecosystem devices you can monitor key information from all lifts, no matter when they were installed or what make/manufacturer.