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DCP Digital Communication Platform

The Digital Communication Platform (DCP) is the brain of the communications system combining a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) gateway, lift emergency telephone and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) gateway in a single unit.

The M2M capability allows remote configuration of all connected devices and the extraction of lift monitoring data, typically only achievable via the installation of a new lift controller.

All programming for the system can be carried out remotely from the Avire Hub or via the main unit in the machine room or control cabinet.

Digital Audio Units (DAU) in the lift cars and/or pits connect to the DCP over a 4 wire CAN Bus system. All technical and configuration calls are sent over the data channel of the cellular network, reducing voice call costs and significantly improving reliability.

This system is ideal for those seeking to:

Install an EN81-28 compliant emergency telephone system for up to four lifts
Upgrade an existing emergency telephone system from a PSTN connection to GSM
With over 200,000 installations within a single territory and a 9-year track record, the Memco DCP is your proven and reliable route to optimised lift maintenance management and is backed with a two-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Configure and monitor devices via MK CANBus using the Avire Hub:
    • Remotely test lifts using Lift HAWK devices
    • Monitor Panachrome+ light curtains
    • Easily and remotely update display
    • AS 1735.19:2019 (EN81-28:2018) emergency telephone system
  • High audio quality over 400m cables
  • Integrated battery back-up
  • 4-wire CAN Bus connections to lift car and pit
  • CAN and RS-232 connections for direct connection to the existing lift controller

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