Comprehensive communication and evacuation plans are critical in emergency situations. Signs are an integral part of these plans and quickly direct a person into action and ensure that no matter what the situation or emergency, instructions are always understood

Code requirements state that 4 types of proper signage must be visible to direct individuals to these safe locations

‘Area of Refuge’ signage is required per International Building Code (IBC) 2009
‘Elevator Landing’ (Emergency Communication) signage is required per International Building International Building Code (IBC) 2009
‘Area of Rescue Assistance’ signage is required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and early versions of the International Building Code (IBC). States that have not adopted the IBC 2009 or later codes may still refer to these locations as Areas of Rescue Assistance and the signs shall have verbiage to reflect this.

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Directions for Call Box Sign
Each Call Box REQUIRES a “Directions for Call Box Use” sign to be mounted next to the Call Box in all Elevator Landings and Area(s) of Refuge/Rescue per IBC Section 1007.11 & 1009.11.
Illuminated Signs
Illuminated signs REQUIRED (per IBC Section 1007.9 & 1009.9)
Elevator Landing REQUIRES an illuminated sign stating "Emergency Communication" to be located by or on each wall providing access to the Elevator Landing.
Area of Refuge/Area of Rescue Assistance REQUIRES an illuminated sign stating "Area of Refuge" to be located by or on each door providing access to the Area of Refuge
Choose from Photoluminescent or Illuminated Wall Signs
Door Signs
Tactile (Braille) signage is REQUIRED at each door to an Area of Refuge, an Elevator Landing or exterior Area for Assisted Rescue complying with IBC 1007.9, IBC 1009.9 and ICC A117.1.
Directional Signs
Directional signs REQUIRED (per IBC Section 1007.10 & 1009.10) that indicate the location of the other means of egress and which are accessible means of egress shall be provided:
At exits serving a required accessible space but not providing an approved means of egress
At Elevator Landings (signs state Emergency Communication)
Within Area(s) of Refuge

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