Power and Communication Options

Our Emergency Blue Light Phones lead the industry in Power and Communication options. From indoor Landline phones to remote Solar/Cellular Emergency phones, we have solutions for every application and technology combination. When you choose our Emergency Phone Solutions, you can be assured of exceptional quality and unsurpassed customer service and support.

Main products

120vac or 12vdc
When would 120vac or 12vdc be an appropriate power solution?
It is a good solution when you have existing power near the planned tower or call station installation
120vac system uses a transformer to supply 12vdc
12vdc directly powers all systems in the towers or call station
When would a Landline be an appropriate communication solution?

 It is a good solution when the emergency phones will be installed near an existing Landline
This solution may be more cost effective to install and maintain than other technologies
The emergency phone can be connected to the current PBX system or use a dedicated POTS line
The lLandline phone uses the "physical" communication method of communicating through a cable/wire
A Landline is used to increase the security of communications since a call cannot be intercepted without physical access to the line
When would a Cellular solution be an appropriate communication solution?
 It is a good solution when running cabling for landline or VoIP is cost prohibitive
The Cellular option is most commonly used with an emergency phone which is using solar power
This allows the emergency phone to be located in remote locations
VoLTE plans typically range from $10-$30 per month per unit
All cellular units are 4G LTE
When would solar be an appropriate power solution? 
It is a good solution when the running cabling for power is cost prohibitive. It is also an ideal solution when the campus, park or other location is concerned about energy usage and would like to make use of alternative energy sources.
Sun is absorbed through solar panel creating energy (which is stored in a sealed battery) that allows for 24/7 phone availability
Maintenance on solar panels is done by brushing debris and snow
Solar power with Cellular or 2-Way Radio provides a completely wireless solution
Prior to purchase, please ensure the location will support 6 hours of full sun on the panel on typical days
When would a Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution be an appropriate communication solution?

 Voice Over IP (VoIP) is a methodology for the delivery of voice communication over internet protocol
Our SIP standard phones can easily be integrated into your existing IP Phone System
When is Dusk2Dawn Technology an appropriate power solution?

This feature allows for the utilization of intermittent power that is controlled by a timer or photocell
The technology can run on battery power while the AC power is absent and recharge when power is available

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