Elevator Light Curtains

Avire has supplied light curtains to the lift market for over 30 years and has always been at the leading edge of the elevator safety industry. More than two million Avire light curtains have reached customers ranging from global elevator manufacturers to local, independent installers. All Avire products are designed with absolute customer safety in mind.

All Avire lift light curtains are manufactured at ISO accredited factories in the EU and China. They are built for quick installation, enhanced durability and maximum safety, whether installing in a factory or in the field.

  • Panachrome+

    Panachrome+ is the world’s most complete elevator door detection system. This premium light curtain has coloured red and green indicators to highlight door movement and is also available with 3D detection, extending passenger protection into the landing zone.

  • Panachrome

    Memco Panachrome is a true innovation in elevator door safeguarding. It includes coloured indicators which operate on door movement; a feature that has been proven to enhance passenger safety and to reduce door damage.

  • Pana40 Plus

    Pana40 Plus is the most established light curtain within the Memco range and is renowned for being an exceptionally high quality, durable and reliable solution.

  • Aufzug-Lichtgitter der E-Serie


    E-Series is ideal for customers who require the excellent performance and quality expected of any Memco product but who do not require any additional features. It is designed with flexibility in mind, and is suitable for both integration into new lifts and for maintenance of existing installations.