Analog Smart Rescue System for 1-10 Call Boxes

The SmartRescue Two-Way Emergency Communication System is designed to accommodate up to 10 Call Boxes, utilizing a home run configuration, where each call box is wired directly to the central command station. All components are engineered to meet current industry codes, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Solution: Designed for up to 10 Call Boxes, SmartRescue offers an economical option for smaller installations without sacrificing quality or performance
Safe & Secure: With the SmartRescue System, safety and communication are within reach for smaller buildings or facilities. Explore the unique value proposition of this system and discover how it can enhance the safety and efficiency of your space.

Main products

2100 Series SmartRescue Call Boxes
Each Area of Refuge requires hands-free, two-way emergency communication devices (Call Boxes) on each floor above and below the main exit floor.
The SmartRescue Call Boxes, utilizing an analog home run configuration, offer an efficient means for distressed individuals to communicate with rescue personnel during an emergency
Equipped with built-in battery backup, these Call Boxes ensure uninterrupted communication even during power failures
2500-PWR24U Power Supply
The 2500-PWR24AL provides 24vdc power to the RATH Area of Refuge call boxes while meeting backup requirements as dictated by NFPA 72.
The power supply ensures that your system remains operational for a minimum of 24 hours under quiescent load (when the system is in a non-alarm condition)
SmartRescue 360° Supervision
NFPA 72 2016 Supervision requirements state that pathways between the remote call stations and the master control station shall be monitored for integrity. To meet these requirements:
Each 2100 Series Call Box comes with built-in communication verification software and a failure relay output which can be connected to an addressable fire alarm module or the fire control panel
Power Supervision requires an additional purchase of the 2500-PWR24U power supply

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