Rath Janus

2100-SVCELLU Data Gateway

Only available in
With our Data Gateway, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in the future. Experience unparalleled data transfer speeds, robust security, and the reliability that we are known for.

Why Choose the Rath/Janus Data Gateway?

  • Ease of Installation: Say goodbye to the hassles of running data drops up to machine rooms. Our gateway simplifies the installation process.
  • Enhanced Security: The gateway operates off the building network, ensuring that your data remains isolated and secure.
  • Battery Backup: Ensure uninterrupted operation with the ability to easily battery backup the SmartView system, maintaining the required 4-hour talk time.

Code Compliance:

  • FCC and PTCRB Listed
  • UL 62368-1 Compliant


  • 0.98" H x 3.27" W x 2.91" D

Additional Features:

  • Industrial 4G LTE router for IoT applications
  • Compatible with the RATH® SmartView System
  • Configurable network check
  • Carrier Approval: AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell, and Verizon
  • Power Draw:
    • Idle - 9vdc, 240mA
    • Load – 9vdc, 500mA
  • Input Power: 9-30vdc, 1A Max

SIM Card Requirements:

  • Standard size SIM card (25mm x 15mm)
  • Data only plan (IMEI of the unit will be required when purchasing plan)
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