Lift Light Curtains E-Series

EN 81-20
The E-Series Lift Light Curtains is our entry-level lift door detector that fulfills all basic compliance requirements. It is easily and quickly integrated into door leading edges of existing or new lifts to prevent passenger accidents and door damage.
mark 174 criss-cross beams
mark Designed for new & existing installations
mark Suitable for dynamic or static installations
mark Reduced installation time:
mark No setting up required
mark No communication wire
mark No configuration needed
mark Extended range of input voltages 11- 42VDC to suit all applications
mark Robust Electronics
mark Timeout Software
mark Diagnostic LEDs
mark Diagnostic output
Technical drawings
E10 Fixing Holes

Files and Resources

E-Series EN81-20 Datasheet (English)
E10 Installation Guide (Multilanguage)
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