Are your lifts ready for the Digital Switch?

What is the digital switch?

The digital switch refers to the ongoing changes to the UK telecoms network in which fibre lines are being rolled out across the country to replace copper lines.

This means the end of analogue (PSTN and ISDN) telephone services and the transition to fibre optic lines. While this is great news for internet speed, the digital switch will have a huge impact on key safety devices that will no longer be supported, including lift emergency phones.

Read more about the digital switch in our full guide which discusses the transition from analogue to fibre.

How does the digital switch affect emergency telephones in lifts?

The vast majority of the lift emergency telephones installed in the UK are analogue, so they require DTMF tones to function correctly. Fibre lines will not transmit these specific frequency tones and they also do not carry power, so during a power-cut the telephone line will fail and leave the emergency telephone useless.

What do you need to keep your emergency telephones working?

The best solution is a move to using mobile network technology with devices that have built-in battery back up. Avire’s solution is not just regular a GSM; our Digital Communication Platform (DCP) offers multiple benefits that can be taken advantage of now and in the future.

Upgrade with quick and cost effective solutions

Fully Digital Solution

The Digital Communication Platform (DCP) provides a fully EN81-28 compliant digital solution* that offers multiple benefits: no risk of corrupted DTMF tones, full remote configuration, monitoring via the Avire Hub and a data channel for up to 4 lifts sharing a machine room.

Memcom+ Upgrade

The Digital Communication Platform (DCP) is a voice and data gateway that allows Memcom+ to use the mobile network to continue to function. It also connects Memcom+ to the Avire Hub, offering remote management and monitoring.*

Avire Hub

Our proprietary cloud-based monitoring platform is continuously upgraded with customer feedback to ensure it includes the most important features for you. The Avire Hub can be used to keep records and lift data, as well as remotely program and configure any and all the Avire Ecosystem devices.

*Accessories are required for full EN81-20 and EN81-70 compliance.

Why choose an Avire Solution?

Digital Communications Platform

Ensure your passengers' safety with a reliable and compliant emergency communication system (GSM & autodialler solution).
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SIM card

The strongest and most reliable connection for emergency calls you can trust when you need it the most.
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Top of Car Digital Audio Unit

Affordable and compliant emergency phone solution that provides a top of car alarm point and access to an external speaker and microphone from within the lift car.
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What's the timeline?

The Digital Switch is currently underway, with completion throughout the UK planned for 2026. To find out more about how the process is being rolled out, watch this video.

Secure SIM Card Packages

We offer non-steered, roaming SIM Cards in order to provide the strongest network signal, all of the time. We manage the SIM Cards packages and renewals for you so there’s no hassle and we also provide alerts if usage becomes irregularly high. Our SIM Cards have been specifically tested for use in lifts and are M2M specific (machine to machine), this removes the risk of an “underactive” SIM Card being deregistered from the network.

Further Resources

Interested in finding out more about the Digital Switch and how it will affect your lifts? We have a dedicated section full of research and tips to help you better understand the impact it will have on your lifts and what you need to do ensure your emergency lift phone continues to work.


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