Case study

Danish hospital patients better protected with light curtains

Ensuring accidental door closures don’t hit patients was critical to the hospital. Reducing lift doors being accidentally hit by gurneys and equipment was also a major concern that needed to be addressed.

The Problem

The New University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark, wanted to ensure maximum safety when transporting its passengers throughout the hospital.

Optimal lift functionality was also a concern, as they sought to reduce lift downtime due to door damage (from frequently being hit by gurneys and equipment).

The Solution

MEMCO Panachrome 3D light curtains were installed in ten lifts. The elevator installation was carried out by PD Elevator, a Danish manufacturer of customised elevators with considerable experience of large-scale projects. PD Elevator decided to use Panachrome 3D detectors for the project to reduce potential door damage caused by the large beds used in the hospital.

The Panachrome product range combines a 154-beam light curtain with coloured door indicators, which alert passengers when the doors are opening (green) or closing (red). If the beams are interrupted, the indicators will revert to green as the doors open again. Panachrome is available with 3D detection which provides maximum passenger protection in the landing zone.

The Result

“The light curtains are a critical part of the elevators’ operation, and it is very important that the quality and reliability of the product are high. Panachrome fits these criteria. Feedback from the hospital has been very positive.”

  • Andreas Høst, Engineer at PD Elevator