NFPA 72 Supervision

NFPA® 2022NFPA® 72 2022 Supervision & Battery Backup Requirements

  • 24.10.5 All pathways between the remote call stations and the master control station shall be monitored for integrity.
  • 10.6.9 Monitoring Integrity of Power Supplies
    • Unless otherwise permitted or required by and, all primary and secondary power supplies shall be monitored for the presence of voltage at the point of connection to the system.
  • 24.10.14. The secondary power supply for two-way emergency communications systems shall be capable of operating the system under quiescent load for a minimum of 24 hours and then subsequently during a fire or other emergency condition for a period of 4 hours with all remote call stations activated and all master control stations annunciating the calls.
  • The communications system shall be capable of monitoring additional power supplies for communications equipment vital to the transmission of off-premises signals. 24.10.3*: The communications system shall comprise remotely located communications stations (remote call stations), a master control station, and a primary and secondary power supply as required by Section 10.6.

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