2 Hour Fire-Rated Power and Communication Cable

Emergency Communication Systems for Rescue Assistance require system pathway survivability requirements that all circuits remain survivable for at least the same time as the fire rating building requirements.

Our cable solutions provide a dependable connection between two electronic devices, ensuring seamless communication
To meet the required 2-hour rating for pathway survivability, you can opt for either 2-hour fire-rated conduit or 2-hour fire-rated cable
2 or 4 pair options, our communication cable offers flexibility to suit your needs

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2 Hour Fire-Rated Cable Series
Fire-resistive or fire-rated cable is designed to support Life and Fire Safety, offering "survivability" for 2 hours in harsh environments. The cable will continue to operate in high temperatures and remain fully operational for safe evacuation of building occupants. Choose from Single, 2 or 4 pair.
RP7500097 Communication Cable
4 Pair, 24 AWG, 8 Conductor
RP7500094B Communication Cable
2 Pair, 18 AWG 4 Conductor Bare Copper Plenum
RP7500094P Power Cable
18 AWG-2 Conductor Bare Copper Shielded Plenum

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