E-Motive’s multimedia displays offer many customization options and freedom for users to design and create beautiful displays for their elevators. The iS2LX, Panorama and PanaTouch offer elevator companies and end users the ability to have stunning, informative and entertaining content in and around their elevators in locations such as lobbies, hallways, and entrance foyers.

Maximize the potential with multimedia display screens.



Cloud-connected high-performance multimedia lift displays that can show rich, dynamic, and web-enabled content. Available in high-quality screens and includes flexible installation options. Updates are easy and all connected displays can be managed from Avire Hub.


Building upon the success of the iS2, our iS2LX Multimedia LCD display supports graphic rich multimedia content which offers a greater level of flexibility when customizing your screens.


The MRP with Navigation box brings multimedia content to elevators with quick and easy installation. Update your display without having to worry about replacing the entire COP, wiring up to the controller or having the correct elevator protocol.


We’ve recognized that ease of install is key when it comes to displays installation. Less is more when it comes to wires and the MSP can then be updated easily. The MSP is a product within the Avire Ecosystem.


A revolutionary next-generation elevator media display, E-Motive Panorama provides stunningly crisp, exciting visuals for an informative entertainment elevator experience.