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Surface/Box Mount Elevator SmartPhones

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External Powered Elevator Phones

7-1/4″ H x 4-3/4″ W x 1-7/8″ D
Style: Stainless Steel
External Powered Elevator Phones

7-1/4″ H x 4-3/4″ W x 1-7/8″ D
Style: Stainless Steel
External Powered Elevator Phones

7-1/4″ H x 4-3/4″ W x 1-7/8″ D
Style: Black, Heavy Duty ABS
2100-956SSC2 with Cover
External Powered Elevator Phones
Faceplate: 10″ H x 6-17/25″ W
Backbox: 9-7/8″ H x 6-1/2″ W x 3″ D
Cover: 9-3/4″ H x 6-1/2″ W x 1-1/4″ D
External Powered Elevator Phones

9-7/8″ H x 6-5/8″ W x 3-1/4″ D
Style: Red, NEMA 4
7002N Mounting Frame
Dimensions: 10-5/8″ H x 7-5/8″ W x 2″ D
Opening: 8-1/8″H x 5-1/8″W
Style: Stainless Steel

Our External Powered Surface Mount Elevator SmartPhones are ideal for elevator retrofits or any application where you need a reliable “push to talk” elevator phone.

Additional Compliance:

  • Phone Line Detection Compliant ( Phone is field programmable to check for an active phone line every 5 minutes up to 23 hours. If an active line is not detected, it will activate the Alarm Relay on the phone board
  • Conforms to UL Standard 2017 for Attendant Monitored Signaling Devices
  • Complies with Section 6.4 of UL 60950-1

Power Requirements:

  • Requires an analog (POTS, PBX, or central office phone line), digital, or IP phone line
  • If used on an IP system, you must purchase a RATH 2100-VOIP2CS Interface Device. If you have one from the IP provider, program it with a standard WINK or disconnect signal per FCC and CRTC requirements
  • Designed for 120vac or 24vac/vdc power

Programming Features:

  • On-site or remote programming
  • Programmable with up to 5 emergency numbers
  • Recordable location message (18 seconds)
  • Pictorial keypad

Phone Capabilities:

  • Compatible with SmartRescue, Command Center, and Machine Room Rescue phones for in-building rescue coordination
  • Automatic dialer (31 digit programmable memory)
  • Automatic answer feature with audible ring
  • Built-in consolidator feature allows you to install 10 SmartPhones on a single telephone line without any additional equipment
  • External power drives built-in phone consolidator and line detection compliance

Additional Features:

  • Remote or on-site diagnostic test
  • Fully programmable timer feature can be set from 1 to 999 minutes and will prompt called party to extend the call
  • 2vdc, 1/3 watt LED (solid light when dialing, flashes when answered)

Optional Features:

  • Annunciator Interface that allows your annunciator to use our phone speaker for audio outputs. It saves money on extra grill work and additional speaker and will not interfere with emergency communications
  • Can be installed on an IP phone system when used with our 2100-VoIP2CS Interface Device
  • Annunciator Board
  • Alarm board
  • Mushroom button
  • Stainless Steel frame 7002N

Specifications: Environmental: -40°F – +150°F Warranty: 2 years

Files and Resources

2100 Series_SmartPhone VI Elevator Emergency Phones Surface Mount Data Sheet
RP8200911-SmartPhone-VI_Soundnet Operations VI Complete Manual
Install Guides
RATH SmartPhone Specifications
RP8200910_SmartRescue Call Box Detailed Programming Instruction Manual
Install Guides
RP8200910_Standard Operations VI Complete Manual
Install Guides
RP8200911-SmartPhone-VI_Soundnet Operations VI Complete Manual
Install Guides

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