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When would solar be an appropriate power solution? 
  • It is a good solution when the running cabling for power is cost prohibitive. It is also an ideal solution when the campus, park or other location is concerned about energy usage and would like to make use of alternative energy sources.
  • Sun is absorbed through solar panel creating energy (which is stored in a sealed battery) that allows for 24/7 phone availability
  • Maintenance on solar panels is done by brushing debris and snow
  • Solar power with Cellular or 2-Way Radio provides a completely wireless solution
  • Prior to purchase, please ensure the location will support 6 hours of full sun on the panel on typical days

Key Features:

  • Green, renewable energy source
  • No ongoing energy costs
  • No trenching
  • 85 & 145 watt solar panel
  • Panel size recommendation based on state or province

Specifiers’ Corner

The Specifiers’ Corner is designed to provide Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Fire Marshals, Building Code Officials, Inspectors, AHJs, and end users with the essential information that may be needed for a project: Submittal Documents, Manuals/Wiring Diagrams, Data Sheets,CAD and Code Requirements

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Specifiers’ Corner
Designed to provide essential information that may be needed for a project: Submittal Documents, Manuals/Wiring Diagrams, Data Sheets and Code Requirements.