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When would a Landline be an appropriate communication solution?
  •  It is a good solution when the emergency phones will be installed near an existing Landline
  • This solution may be more cost effective to install and maintain than other technologies
  • The emergency phone can be connected to the current PBX system or use a dedicated POTS line
  • The lLandline phone uses the “physical” communication method of communicating through a cable/wire
  • A Landline is used to increase the security of communications since a call cannot be intercepted without physical access to the line

Key Features:

  • Built-in Consolidator Feature (10 phones on one phone line)
  • Allow mulitple phones to speak to emergency personnel
  • Personnel communicate with single caller, multiple callers (conference call mode) or broadcast message to all phones (paging mode) all with keypad entry
  • All modes accessed without hanging up
  • Built-in feature using onboard software, no costly equipment necessary

SmartPhone 6 Speaker Phone Technology:

  • Location message
  • Weatherproof speaker and microphone
  • 5 number calling capability (up to 31 digits in each number)
  • Adjustable speaker and microphone levels
  • Remote or on-site programmable
  • 2-way hands-free communication
  • Operating temperature of between – 40° F to +150° (-40° C to +65° C)
  • Non-volatile EEPROM programming, maintained during power outage
  • Programmable password
  • Two output relays
  • Two button speakerphone: 1 for emergency and 1 for information

Specifiers’ Corner

The Specifiers’ Corner is designed to provide Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Fire Marshals, Building Code Officials, Inspectors, AHJs, and end users with the essential information that may be needed for a project: Submittal Documents, Manuals/Wiring Diagrams, Data Sheets,CAD and Code Requirements

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Specifiers’ Corner
Designed to provide essential information that may be needed for a project: Submittal Documents, Manuals/Wiring Diagrams, Data Sheets and Code Requirements.