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Case study

Detectors reduce 90% of lift door accidents at Copenhagen Airport

Lift door damage was a common occurrence at Copenhagen Airport. The resulting lift downtime and high maintenance costs meant an effective solution was urgently required.

The Problem

Fourteen of the airport’s lifts were protected by standard 2D light curtains. However, employees driving trucks would regularly misjudge their approach to the lifts. As they came nearer and realised that the doors were about to close, they could not stop the 1.5-tonne trucks quickly enough to prevent them colliding with the doors.

Additionally, a small number of careless passengers also contributed to the damage when they hit the doors with their luggage trolleys when entering and exiting the lift.


The Solution

ThyssenKrupp were familiar with MEMCO and the range of safety of solutions available and suggested the installation of Panachrome 3D light curtains [MG1] to help reduce the constant door damage.

Panachrome 3D detectors are suitable for a wide variety of doors, including both centre- and side-opening. Typical applications include airports, hospitals, hotels and public buildings.

The Result

Before the installation of the Panachrome 3D detectors, there was an average of one to five incidents of door damage recorded every single day.

After installing Panachrome 3D detectors, that number had dropped to three cases per month. That’s a reduction of 90% lift door accidents!

“There’s no doubt that the 3D detectors have done a great job,”

  • Nicolai Holm, service coordinator at the airport

“The airport uses a dashboard to record information on the number of incidents affecting the lifts. After we’d installed the 3D light curtains and the number of incidents dropped so dramatically, senior management asked if we were still using certain lifts because they were no longer showing up on the dashboard!”

  • Kasper Olsen, Division Manager at ThyssenKrupp