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Avire App

Your on-site tool for easy setup and testing

Monitor the status of your emergency phone portfolio on the go

Enjoy the convenience of being able to view and manage Avire Hub devices remotely*.

* Avire App only works with AVIRE emergency phones.

Ensure EN:81-28 compliance

See a live status of compliance for any of your installations right on your phone, from anywhere in the world.

Fast and simple setup wizard

Set up your Digital Communication Platform (DCP) with an intuitive wizard that makes the install process easy and quick.

Check DCP connection status

While you are still on-site to ensure the DCP has been installed correctly with the connection test feature available in the app, facilitating ongoing, remote monitoring.

Easily create and apply device settings profiles

Create profiles for each of your devices to save time and increase the reliability when setting up new installations.

Free to access

The Avire App is free to download from your app store.

Please note: to use the app you will first need to set up a free account in the Avire Hub.


Download the Avire App

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